EGO card
What is EGOcard
It’s that simple

Finally there is one card for all your shopping

Say goodbye to all the discount cards in your wallet. Now you only need one because the Egocard is a loyalty discount card giving you discounts when you buy groceries, apparel, furniture, electronics, sporting goods and many other goods and services across Slovakia. Even more, we continue to expand the range of goods and services where you receive a discount. Now you can finally enjoy shopping for less to the fullest.
With Egocard you get:
  • Super discounts of up to 60%
  • Merchandise in thousands of stores across Slovakia for less
  • Benefits you can enjoy over the life of the card
It is all very simple for you as the customer. Stores in the EGO system display a large sticker identifying their membership at their entrances. The customer chooses the merchandise they want and presents their Egocard before paying. The retailer then deducts the appropriate discount from the price intended for others. Discounts range from 5%, 10% and even 25% to 60% off the total price of your purchase for specific goods and services.