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Terms and conditions

1.1 Egocard s.r.o., with registered office at Šafárikovo námestie 7, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia, Company ID: 47 843 918, registered in the Commercial Register at Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sro, File no. 99774/B is a commercial company (“provider”) offering natural persons and legal entities in Slovakia the opportunity to acquire the right on the basis of which such persons (“interested parties”) may apply a discount from the purchase price or other advantages when purchasing goods and services from natural persons and legal entities that sell such goods and services within their business activities and that are contractually bound to the provider to provide such discounts and other advantages (“partner”).

1.2 Interested parties applying such right must present their EGOCARD (“card") or other card with the “EGOCARD” logo in the EGOCARD mobile application showing an EGOCARD-branded card and client identification number, as provided to the interested party by the provider for the price defined in the current price list.

1.3 Anyone over the age of 18 who agrees with the provider’s Terms and Conditions and purchased the EGOCARD from the provider, its business partners or agents is eligible to be a cardholder. A portable card is then provided, which is immediately active and ready for use to apply discounts with the provider’s contractual partners.

1.4 Interested parties declare that the details provided when purchasing an EGOCARD card are correct; Egocard s.r.o. has no liability for any damages resulting or if any penalties or claims are made if false details are provided.

1.5 In case of loss of theft, cardholders have no right to a replacement card if lost or stolen given the nature and manner in which the portable cards are used when applying discounts. If an EGOCARD holder submits a card with clear evidence of mechanical damage that prevents it from seeking the provided discounts, the provider will replace such card with a new card. Cardholders shall pay the provider a total of €5 as a fee for the replacement card if the cardholder was responsible or failed to prevent the circumstances that led to the mechanical damage of the card.

1.6. Interested parties under the provisions of Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as amended hereby grant the provider consent to process their personal data for the purposes of maintaining card records and the provider commits to protect the personal data of the interested parties and exclusively use such data for these purposes.

2.1 Cardholders are entitled to participate in the provider's discount program using the EGOCARD card and enjoy all associated benefits.

2.2 Cardholders have no commitment to recommend the provider’s discount program and are not bound to achieve any specified outcome or results. Cardholders perform all activities at their own responsibility.

2.3 Cardholders only have claim to the benefits associated with the discounts provided by the provider’s partners. No other reward, cash back or other claims are recognised. Provided discounts have no cash value.

2.4 The discounts provided using EGOCARD cards may not be accumulated or combined with any other discounts provided by the partner within its business activities outside the contractually-agreed framework.

2.5 Cardholders are fully liable for any damages that occur as a result of fraud committed by an unauthorised person using such card.

2.6. Cardholders have no claim to financial compensation from the provider if a partner fails to provide a discount that the provider could in no way influence. However, in the spirit of settling such a situation in an amicable manner, the provider will make every effort to enable the cardholder to apply such discount from a business partner in the same segment of goods and services.

3.1 The provider concludes commercial agreements with business partners to allow EGOCARD cardholders to acquire benefits in the form of discounts provided on the prices of goods and services. The provider shall make every effort to agree on the best possible conditions and continuously expand its network of business partners.

3.2 An overview of current business partners is accessible on-line at the provider’s website,, and includes detailed information on the scope and amount of provided discounts.

3.3 The provider is not liable if a cardholder is not provided with a discount because a partner unilaterally terminates contractual cooperation with the provider. The provider shall ensure to the best of its ability that another business is offered in the same segment of goods and services to provide cardholders with an appropriate discount.

3.4 The provider may unilaterally change the conditions of the discount program without directly notifying cardholders of such change.

4.1 All contents presented on ECOCARD cards and on the website, including its design, text, logo and images are copyright protected; any copying, modification or dissemination without the explicit consent of the provider is prohibited. Data, software and the contents of databases are owned exclusively by the provider and are subject to copyright protection under Slovak law.

4.2 The provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply equally to the holders of the single-use coupons issued by the provider with a valid term of 3 months that likewise enable their holders to discounts.

4.3 These Terms and Conditions for ECOCARD cardholders are valid as of 22 July 2014.

Bratislava, 15 February 2016

Egocard s.r.o.