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"We’ve cooperated with EGOCARD since 2009. Our clients know all about it and why it pays to be an Egocard cardholder. We offer a guaranteed 15% discount on holiday packages purchased first-minute.
We look forward to continuing our cooperation."

Bratislava, 2 September 2015
"Our company, Starý Otec, a.s. owns and operates a network of stores offering exclusively Slovak food products and has cooperated with Egocard s.r.o. for more than 2 years. We joined the benefit system and provide a 3% discount on all our products to Egocard holders. We value the simplicity of the system and highly appreciate flawless cooperation, the active approach taken by Egocard s.r.o, free marketing support and the influx of new customers."

Bratislava, 21 March 2015
"Kronos Slovakia, as the exclusive distributor of the STORM London brand, has cooperated with EGO since June 2011. We are a partner in the Egocard discount system, which has brought us satisfied customers. Providing a 10% discount on our full range of products for Egocard holders was proven the right choice in a short matter of time, which is why we decided to join the Egocard 2012 summer campaign as an advertising partner.
We wish you continued success."
"A month ago we partnered with the EGO, s.r.o. loyalty program. We were pleasantly surprised by the influx in customers with Egocards in our stores in the first few weeks, even though we also have our own loyalty program. We provide Egocard holders a 10% discount on the full range of products in our perfumeries.
We highly appreciate the work of Egocard's sales representatives and look forward to their initiatives in continuing to promote our network.
We wish you continued success in integrating new partners into the program and many satisfied customers."

Banská Bystrica, 9 May 2012
"Our company cooperates with EGO, s.r.o. and has accepted Egocard discount cards for sales since May 2011. We provide clients with a 10% discount on all catalogue prices for holiday packages and a 2% discount of first and last-minute packages using their Egocards. We have gained and continue to win over new clients thanks to our cooperation. We partnered with the Egocard campaign in June - July 2012 thanks to our excellent cooperation with Ego, s.r.o.
We wish you continued success."

Bratislava, 21 March 2012
"AIRPORT TAXI, as the successor in the high quality and reliable services provided by the former MB Taxi, offers Egocard holders a 15% discount on our services thanks to our excellent cooperation with EGO, s.r.o. We began cooperating with the Egocard system in January 2012 and we noticed tangible results almost immediately. We decided to promote the Egocard product itself in the Egocard summer 2012 campaign as a partner. May you enjoy continued success and further projects that are at least as successful as Egocard."

Bratislava, 5 March 2012
"We have successfully cooperated with EGO, s r.o. for a number of years. The Egocard project has been very beneficial for us and we continue to get new customers who learn of our store thanks to the Egocard discount card.
We are satisfied with the quality of the services they provide and appreciate the professional approach and willingness to find common ground with their partners.
We wish you many satisfied customers."

Bratislava, 9 February 2012
"We'd like to declare that the Slovak Real Estate Academy has entered into cooperation with the company operating the “Egocard” benefit system based on recommendations we have received. We recognise the efforts and drive to expand the Egocard partner portfolio and support the sales of the cards themselves. We appreciate the broad spectrum of services and efficient access to the discounts provided by the Egocard."

Bratislava, 1 February 2012