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Egocard giving away gifts

The Slovak operator of a universal loyalty program, Egocard s.r.o., opted for a new way to deliver its services to customers.

Direct communication with clients is clearly our strength. Customers are the most important for us at all times. And our marketing campaigns are adapted accordingly. Our primarily marketing focus is directly on clients and not on standard commercial marketing. We long delayed maintaining a Facebook page, but recently we have begun operations on the world's best known social network. Promotions are the primary component of our Facebook fan page. They are conducted on a regular basis. A new promotion begins every Monday and ends of Friday. People get involved in promotions by answering a question, sharing a post or commenting. Prizes include an Egocard card and various prizes from our partners, who are the providers of discounts. Our promotions have involved clothing, gift certificates for cakes, cosmetic products and bundled products and other attractive prizes. We are proudest of the month-long promotion for a holiday package for one on the sunny Greek Island of Thasos, which we conducted in cooperation with the excellent CK Saffari travel agency, for whom we would like to thank for the prize. The winner has already come back from her trip, with many excellent photos and obviously many great moments and experiences. For us it is critical that a client really have a tremendous experience when they pull out an Egocard card and we delivered that in cooperation with CK Saffari. We want this tradition to continue, giving people prizes and gifts and reinforcing the feeling they are the most important to us.

Bratislava, 5 September 2015

Boom in partners at Egocard

New partners and attractive discounts are the most important indicators of Egocard’s development. In light of this, we would like to use this opportunity to welcome a number of new chains who now provide discounts to all Egocard cardholders.

Exisport – the latest and clearly most attractive partner in our system is this chain of stores with sports apparel, accessories and sporting goods. Exisport operates 31 stores in Bratislava and all the other regions of Slovakia

Oresi – the largest kitchen store in Slovakia is a new Egocard partner and offers discounts of up to 5%. The discount applies to non-discounted merchandise and on-sale items. You’ll find Oresi in all of Slovakia’s regions with a total of 11 stores.

Libri – The Libri bookshop wants to be closest to you. Its 27 stores across Slovakia offer a diverse selection of books and pleasant and helpful staff. We are pleased to offer all reading and literature enthusiasts

Planeo Elektro – this electronics retail chain operates 28 stores across Slovakia and is an older, but clearly one of the most important partnership additions. Planeo QuickTime is a sister brand to Planeo Elektro stores. Egocard cardholders receive discounts of up to 20%.

We are very pleased that our portfolio of quality partners has grown so significantly. Monthly we add around 35 new stores. Egocard seeks to have a presence in every individual shopping segment and in every service people use. That is our goal in the coming months.

Bratislava, 30 August 2015

Egocard now in Czech Republic

Egocard has been a success in Slovakia, particularly in terms of gaining new and more attractive partners, despite the competitive market for loyalty and discount cards. We now cover all segments in Slovakia as well as various services in which we provide people with truly attractive discounts. The time is right to expand the Egocard project abroad.

It is very important for us to give people the opportunity to save in Slovakia and abroad. As such, we began adding partners in neighbouring Czech Republic. In addition to providing more discounts to our clients, we offer support for tourism and, last but not least, support for Czech businesses. So far the response from businesses to our product has been positive.

Our focus is currently on cooperation with stores in Czech Republic. This process should continue until the middle of 2016. Subsequently we should have built up a significant portfolio of attractive discount providers to start the sales of Egocard cards themselves in Czech Republic.

While these plans are long-term, they are by no means the end. We want to turn our energy towards gaining partners in other neighbouring countries, including Austria, Hungary and Poland and the continue expanding into attractive travel destinations such as Greece, Croatia and Italy.

The fact that we are planning on focusing abroad in the near future will be reflected in changes to our website, which will give all Egocard holders an easy way to locate the country and place in Europe where they want to use their card. Our site should be operational by the end of the year.

Our goal is that every one of our customers knows how to use every day! Client satisfaction is priority number one.

Bratislava, 16 Augut 2015