EGO card


Shopping is one of the few places where is now pays to be an egoist. Elsewhere it’s just better to share. And that's why we’d be happy if you’d ask us anything that is on your mind. Answers to the most frequently asked questions are below.

How do I get an Egocard?

There are three ways to get our card if you so choose:
  • buy one from one of our retailers
  • order one over the phone at +421 2 3301 4377
  • place an on-line order

All of the discounts will be yours in a few short steps.
It doesn't take much effort to start shopping for less. We've taken care of all the details to ensure getting your Egocard is as simple as possible. Your new card will be ready for you to take advantage of all the discounts within a few short days, simply fill out your order.

How much does an Egocard cost?

Egocard pricing depends on validity. The following options are available:
  • 1 year at a cost of €25
  • 2 years at a cost of €40
  • 3 years at a cost of €60

Did you lose your Egocard or is it damaged?

In a wallet overstuffed with so many cards, it’s easy to misplace the card you actually need the most. If you lose or damage your Egocard, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to issue you a completely new card so you can get back to shopping for less.

Did a store refuse to give you a discount?

Please let us know if such an unfortunate situation occurs. We strive to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with our services and we are standing by to help resolve any issue you may have. Please send any complaints via email to

Did you experience trouble with one of our sales representatives?

Please send any complaints via email to

Do you have an idea for improving our services?

We are interested in any comments or advice you may have. Please write us at