EGO card

While we approve of EGOism when shopping,
we prefer just the opposite in our work.

Many customers are now shopping with discounts and different benefits
thanks to our company and the sophisticated Egocard system.

Egocard management commits to:

Educate its employees to ensure they grow
wiser and more professional,

Lead the company’s employees to do their work diligently, without complaint, and at a high level of quality,

Support its employees, train them and foster their development to enable them to meet the needs of customers through ingenuity and skill,

Lead the company’s employee to ensure there are no dangers at work and to maintain friendly relationships with colleagues,

Ensure that no employee suffers an
accident or injury at work,

Ensure employees feel good and
are comfortable at work,
Foster a spirit of teamwork among employees,

Maintain a vigilant approach to employees and their recycling of plastics, glass, paper and Tetra pack materials and water and electricity efficiency measures,

Strive to ensure the company becomes a favourite among business partners, gaining their trust, so they consider it reliable in all aspects,

Take responsibility for the services provided by the company and strive to meet the expectations of all our customers,

Deliver on everything we agree to in contracts and agreements with partners and customers

Offer partners and clients only good quality products

Improve our environment and ourselves by improving the effectiveness of internal processes and management systems.