EGO card

if you only want the best for yourself, you’re an egoist...
... who only uses egocard discounts

Welcome to the world of shopping for less. This is the place to come and learn all about the savings you can reap using your Egocard discount card and just how much you’ll save. The days of having a wallet stuffed with dozens of cards are long gone. One card is now enough to save a pretty penny thanks to the diverse spectrum of stores providing discounts. It is no matter if you are an individual or a company. Everyone can enjoy Egocard benefits because putting yourself first finally has its advantages.

  • discounts of 5%, 20% to 60%
  • accessible pricing
  • selectable categories
  • broad spectrum of goods and services
  • benefits you can enjoy for the life of the card
  • renewable

All egoists are welcome to shop for less at these fine stores: